Portico at Shadowridge Homeowners Association

1 December 2014

RE: Exterior Home Re-painting

Dear Fellow Portico Homeowner,

The Portico community was built in 1987-88. It has been more than 25 years since the outside paint colors have been updated. The value of our community is negatively affected if some houses look aged, weathered and out of style.

Many homeowners have already given their home a “facelift” and we want to encourage other community members to consider painting or fog-coating their home as well. In some cases, where houses have weathered poorly or stains have occurred, the homeowner will be instructed that painting/fog-coating or other repairs are mandatory.

Your HOA board of directors requested new, updated color schemes from Vista Paint. The resulting approved colors may be viewed at the nearest Vista Paint store, PCM or on-line by visiting Vista Paint’s website: vistapaint.com (most computer monitors will not show colors accurately. Chips may be ordered or obtained by visiting the store).

After deciding which color scheme you want from the approved colors, please download and fill out an “Architectural Improvement Request” form found on the Portico website: porticohoa.com and submit to PCM, Pamela.Bledsoe@associa.us. This application will be reviewed and responded to with an approval or denial based on surrounding colors. Please allow 45 days for a response due to meeting schedules. Upon approval, your project may then commence. Please note: neither the board nor PCM can endorse a contractor. Also, Vista Paint offers a discount, however, you may take color chips to any paint store and have the colors matched. Please submit a fog coat color sample if you decide to use this application.

If you have any questions or are submitting the Architectural Improvement Request, contact the PCM Community Manager, Pam Bledsoe, at Pamela.Bledsoe@associa.us.

We look forward to the results of a fresher, newer looking community and the benefits that affords. Thank you.

Best regards,