Your current Board of Directors has decided there is not enough business to warrant bi-monthly meetings at Associa/PCM in Carlsbad.  We have decided to do them quarterly instead.  The schedule is reflected on the main page.  If anything comes up between meetings that requires Board action, we will schedule a brief meeting in Portico with proper notice.

if you have a question, please call pcm.  they are here to help.

Send us pictures of your gatherings to post here:  Gallery. [e-mail them to]

Parking Issues call North Coast Patrol (760) 940-2776

Documents you may need:


Portico at Shadowridge Homeowners Association

We never painted the curbs red in front of fire hydrants due to the cost.  Please look for hydrants and DO NOT park in front of them or within 10 ft.  Also, our streets are not regular city width, so if we park on both sides, there will not be enough room for emergency vehicles to help us and protect our homes.  Please tell your guests not to park on the outsides of the loops or right side of Marbella where the signs are.

Quick Note:

Good to know:  Portico has no power to impose parking fines in its bylaws.  Any fines you may have received are assessed by the master board.

Our attitude toward special events like graduation at Rancho Buena Vista High School is that it is one night per year, and we want to support education any way we can.  Our neighbors in Crest/Landing employ North Coast Patrol to keep people from parking on their streets.  We have gone to great lengths to instruct North Coast not to interfere with parking in Portico to show our support.  It is our responsibility as owners to inform our guests of the no parking areas as this is an important safety issue.

                                                                                                                                                           --Ross Wagner

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