Portico at Shadowridge Homeowners Association

Some homeowners believe Associa-PCM enforces our CC&Rs and mails letters to members of the Shadowridge Homeowners Association. On the contrary, this management company takes action only when the Board of Directors of the master association (SROA) or the sub association (Portico) instructs them to do so. Sometimes an Associa-PCM community manager will accompany board members to inspect homes in SROA, but they will not send letters without the SROA’s request.

Confusion exists concerning the reach of the SROA and sub-associations like Portico, Lido, Brock Manor, Cove, etc. This relationship is similar to the Federal Government and the State Governments. We all live under both Federal and State law and abide by the rules of both. These governing bodies do not report to each other (other than sharing information) and rarely consult each other about enforcing their own laws. The same holds true for Shadowridge and Portico. In any given dispute, the entity possessing the more restrictive rule prevails. Directors of both the SROA and sub associations may instruct Associa-PCM to send letters regarding violations. Portico is primarily a “maintenance association,” one given the duty of keeping the common property in good condition. This ‘common property’ includes our streets, sidewalks, mailboxes, irrigation equipment, monument sign and a few acres behind our neighborhood. The majority of rules governing us are SROA, not Portico.

Most importantly, both associations are made up of volunteer homeowners chiefly concerned with preserving or improving the value of their (and your) properties. If you disagree with a violation you have received and/or are curious about the internal workings of the governing boards, please plan on attending meetings and voicing your opinions. We want to hear from you. You may even consider running for a seat on the SROA or Portico Boards. Your future input will be invaluable in the shaping of policies that insure both the stability and the beauty of our shared neighborhood.

What is the relationship between Shadowridge HOA, Associa-PCM and Portico HOA?