Portico Board meetings are the fourth Tuesday of the first month in each quarter. The agenda can be found posted on the light pole near the intersection of Crystal RIdge and Marbella four days in advance.  If you would like to add items to the agenda, please contact Pamela Bledsoe at PCM: 

5950 La Place Ct., Suite 250
Carlsbad, CA  92008
(760) 918-8040 Main;  (760) 918-8056 Direct
(800) 599-9151 Toll Free;  (949) 206-2364 Fax
or, use the contact form at: Reach Me

Board members volunteer their time and skills to ensure the association assets are maintained and property values are protected by enforcing the Codes, Covenants and Restrictions (CC&Rs) every homeowner signed.

PORTICO at Shadowridge homeowners association Inc.

Board Meetings Schedule

Quarterly on the 4th Tuesday of the month

(Watch for changes at least four days prior to the date.)

  • January 28, 2020
  • April 28, 2020
  • July 28, 2020
  • October 27, 2020

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Volunteer board

Your volunteer board checks the status of homes periodically when they have time and directs PCM to take specific action if needed.  If you get a letter, and look around to see others in the same condition, you can assume they got a letter too.  If you are not sure, you are welcome to call or write in to point out violations.  The goal is a good looking, pleasant community with high property values, nothing more.

As a Member of the Portico Homeowners Association, you are also a Member of the Shadowridge Owners “Master” Association.  As such, if you are interested or in need of any Shadowridge Owners documents, please follow this link www.shadowridgehoa.com.  Please also see the FAQ page.


planned unit development

common areas

gallery events

Examples of well kept houses are in our Portfolio.

                                                       Our property values are increased by the fact that all residents maintain their properties according to standards put in place in 1987 by our builders.

Portico is one of 27 sub associations and was planned to fill a need for diverse housing opportunities in the best climate zone anywhere.

A large area to the south west of us was allocated to Portico for maintenance when the land was being subdivided in 1987. Streets, sidewalks, mail boxes, planters around the entrance are all owned jointly by the Portico Homeowners.

rules to protect values

Portico at Shadowridge Homeowners Association

Please Keep your home nicely maintained